Sunday, December 5, 2010

Omnipotence Paradox

Nonsense does not suddenly acquire sense with the addition of the two words, "God can" before it.

I do Not believe in a Omnipotence God, sorry to those of you who hold onto your bible screeching as I say this but I don’t.

Here is another blasphemy: I don’t believe the scriptures are Omnipotent. Scripture is MAN’s writing of Godly things, revelation is like taking Van Gogh’s Starry Night and making a xerox copy of it. Revelation still exist within the limitations of memory, knowledge, and culture.

God is circumscribed by logic

Now lets not forget we are dealing with language, a very flawed system compared to the workings of nature and God. None the less God wont do something ill-logical because he chooses, not because he can’t. Just the same as he can’t lie, or even more profound God in his “omnipotence” can not save us. Christ can but God can not.

So "Can omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that it cannot lift it?" Answer: No

My logic for God is not based on omnipotence but rather his authoritative power to govern, he speaks and the elements obey him. He warrants Honor from the Universe. We as his offspring are place in circumstances that allow us to act against that honor with own free will, at the same time obtaining the skills needed for his stewardship


Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Love it! Your insights are and always have been so unique. I like what you have to say about God and his powers.

Laughing Ninja said...

I agree with some things you say, but not with others. Overall I'm impressed by your insights.

Can God create a rock so big he cannot lift it? Chew on this for a bit and let me hear your thoughts.

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