Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Year Resolution

No one really keeps their new year resolutions, you'll make it to April tops. I stopped NYR years ago, this doesn't mean I don't set goals, actually I set really big goals around Dec 31. I know what your thinking "well that's a NYR"- but it's not. What I am avoiding is the thought that a new year is possessing some mystical power to make me reach some new objectivity. I don't crutch on such ideas, rather I look at the end of a year instead of a new year. I reflect back on the year and continue, improve, or author goals based on that. The feeling of a new year is refreshing and used as an opportunity NOT a motivation. The motivations come from within me, I do not outsource them to the excitement of a new year that is long pass new once March rolls by.


Warner / Debbie Blair said...

New Years resolutions are great if you have eaten too many sweets as Christmas!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Can you put up a post with the link to the christmas video our family made last year?

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